Want to know more about Axiom?

Axiom’s goal is to get back to the core ideas of any issue and discuss the principles behind them.


 Despite the importance of politics, Axiom believes it is more important to discuss the values and ideas that help us make our decisions. 


Once the issue is better understood, we must strive to take action.

The Path of the Axiom Warrior

Axiom Warriors are men and women who want to live a powerful, productive and successful life. They are committed to training and constant growth. Much like the idea of the Renaissance man, Axiom Warrior value the idea of being well versed in Philosophy, Art, Religion, Culture, Science, Politics, Physicality, and ultimately wholeness of ones self . The Axiom warrior should feel equally as comfortable on the battle field as he does in the opera. The way of the Warrior is found in Discipline, Growth, and Purpose.

The concept of Axiom comes from a philosophical idea of zero level truths. Things that cannot be broken down any further. This is important for the Axiom Warrior because we must think at the foundational level. If our foundation in all these areas of study isn’t strong we are easily broken. Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the greatest Sophistication”. if we truly understand our philosophy it shouldn’t be difficult to explain to another person or for that person to understand it. We see this in the American founding fathers when they wrote “we find these things self evident”.

Axiom core values

  1. Discipline – Understanding that to be strong is to submit yourself to training
  2. Balance – life is neither here nor there it is understand how everything has its moment .
  3. Process/Growth – we must understand that life isnt done in one moment but in thousands upon thousands of moments
  4. Truth – Our goal is to seek out the Truth of the universe and to transform our thoughts and actions according to it. 
  5. Praxis – If we have belief we must put it into action


Our mission is to bring back a culture of constructive dialogue by encouraging the discussion of ideas in a way that benefits ourselves and our world.

THE Axiom Warrior strives to create a better world through the next generation of well-rounded individuals. A modern warrior is strong when they are mentally & physically fit.