Our Philosophy

The path of the axiom warrior

  • Axiom Warriors are men and women who live powerful, productive and successful lives.
  • Axiom Warriors are committed to training and constant growth, much like the idea of the Renaissance man.
  • Axiom Warriors value being well-versed in Philosophy, Art, Religion, Culture, Science, Politics, Physicality and, ultimately, the wholeness of one’s self.
  • Axiom Warriors feel equally as comfortable on the battlefield as they do in the opera.
  • The way of modern warriors is found in Discipline, Growth and Purpose.
  • The concept of Axiom comes from a philosophical idea of zero-level truths (meaning concepts that cannot be broken down any further).
  • This is important for the Axiom Warrior because we must think at the foundational level. If our foundation (in all these areas of study) isn’t strong, we are easily broken.
  • If we truly understand our philosophy, it shouldn’t be difficult to explain it to another person or for that person to understand it.